Customization for members only
For K.T. House, every family is unique. House chores such as cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry are done differently in each family. In the past decade, K.T. House has customized housekeeping procedure for different families to ensure the service quality and efficiency. We retain the service quality of housekeepers, meanwhile, we assign exclusive customer service staff to each family to provide better service experience and customer relationship. K.T. House treats your home like ours and makes “home” the most comfortable place for each individual. We are not a traditional cleaning company, but a housekeeping service company with customized and member exclusive service.
Member Privilege
Guarantee of quality
The priority of arranging or selecting a housekeeper.
Arrange the same housekeeper to prevent work adaptation problem.
Provide “house cleaning record” and “work schedule of monthly service” for housekeeper to accurately follow client’s requirements to work.
Supervise housekeeping work regularly and fill in “record of supervision” to report to clients.
Provide customized service and care
Special Deals
When apply K.T. House’s services, members could enjoy the exclusive membership price.
Sign a contract to protect clients’ right and interest. Membership agreement is not tied up with a particular time.
Enjoy irregular promotion for members only
Use our housekeeping service at least once a year is required. Membership lasts automatically without additional payment.
Join membership in any of K.T. House’s service location can enjoy rights and interests mentioned above in other locations.

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