House Cleaning

Service Content

The cleaning sequence depends on client’s demands. Area for cleaning includes living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, window, screen window, balcony, ceiling, and AC filter. To enhance the efficiency, our staff will clean in sequence based on level of messiness, cleaning range, and decorative materials.

Since the estimated cleaning time may differ from family to family, the assessment of time is based on result of discussion with our staff on the spot.

Service Range

1. Regular cleaning (The minimum service hour: 3 hours)
2. One time cleaning
3. Spring clean-up

Meticulous Cleaning After Refurbishment/Decoration

Service Content

Fine dust and sawdust produced after decoration is different from dust around us. Since fine dust cannot be filtered through general vacuum cleaners, you need particular cleaning detergent and measure to deal with this problem. For houses after refurbishment and decoration, our staffs will quote after evaluate the situation. You can also refer to “Charging standards for cleaning services after refurbishment & decoration” on our website. With the most reasonable charging and the best quality, K.T. House achieves your moving plan — move in with only one luggage.

Service Range

Living room: Ceiling, wall, cabinet (both inside and outside), TV cabinet, door, door knob and floor Bedroom: Nightstand, vanity, wardrobe, wardrobe hanger, basket, bookcase and floor Kitchen: Ceiling, wall, window, range hood, gas stove, cabinet, counter, sink, faucet, door and floor Bathroom: Ceiling, vent, wall, shutters, shower, shower door/curtain, bathtub, showerhead, sink, towel shelf, toilet, shelf, mirror, door, drain hole, gap of ceramic tiles and floor. Window: Glass, screen window, windowsill, and groove Intercom and switch: All switches and wall sockets Balcony: Floor and wall Others: Display case, cabinet (both inside and outside), air vent outlet and light

The Notice


Charging standards for cleaning services after refurbishment & decoration” on our website is the basic charge standard of our service. The exact service hours depends on degree of difficulty of work, number of cabinet and window and required quality of work.

Cleaning range does not include outer wall cleaning. We only work in one place for per service. Demand of working in other places is not available. In addition, to avoid damage and discoloration of building materials, K.T. House provides particular cleaning tools and detergent. Clients have no need to prepare.

K.T. House reserves the right to acknowledge or cancel orders

For safety, the following services are not provided:

A. To lift up or move goods above 10 kilograms

B. To clean outer walls and windows in high places

C. To remove windows

D. To process hazardous chemicals

E. To deliver or discard garbage. (Provide packing service only, and please prepare trash bags on your own)

F. To clean animal and human excrement and vomit

G. To remove stain for years or remove dye on clothes

H. To remove or kill pests (includes ants, cockroaches, bees, etc.)

I. To work in places with foul smell or inappropriate temperature

J. To work in places hit by natural or man-made disasters

K. To discard or deliver bulky waste

L. To wash the carpet

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K.T. Housekeeping Service