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In order to receive the proper living care at home, for that chemotherapy, undergoing operation patients or the older people, K.T. House is able to customize different services for you need. Our services focus on non-medical care, trustworthy housekeepers, no-barrier communication and family-like care. Different from foreign workers hired by agency, we visit and understand what our clients need and insure our service quality periodically. Our housekeepers receiving professional training can provide warm and delicate living services. Our service is able to reduce clients’ living pressure and burden, and for those who are not around their family, they can set their mind at rest.

Service Content

Daily living assistance: walking safely, going to toilet, changing clothes and putting on and taking off clothes

Meal preparation: preparing the meal, cooking, providing homemade dishes and meeting special diet requirement

Health Care: Reminding time of taking pill, measuring blood pressure, recording blood sugar and assisting with rehabilitation

Housekeeping: Basic cleaning service (The elderly or client’s bedroom, bathroom and area that they frequently go), doing the laundry and organizing house stuff

Accompany to go out: Taking a walk, grocery shopping, joining activities, seeing doctor and assist to get prescription drugs

The Notice


At least twice services a week (schedule the same time). Service period can be chosen by your own.

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K.T. Housekeeping Service