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Is discarding truly a waste? Is reserving really frugality? We provide free counseling service to arrange customized space planning for people who can’t tidy up their houses, have little time to clean, have no idea how to start it, feel exhausted before cleaning up, have a pile of clothes or get scores above 40% in our Messiness Questionnaire below.

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1. Packing, storing, and cleaning before move out.

2. Putting things in place, decorating, storing, and cleaning after move to new place.

3. Storing and cleaning in special spaces such as wardrobe, kitchen, kid’s room, etc.

4. Sorting, storing, and cleaning in interior space.

Messiness Questionnaire


Find out your level of messiness:

  • Can’t walk straight for 3 steps or more in your home

  • Can’t find your cell phone or key all the time

  • Haven’t invite friends or families to your house for more than 5 years

  • Can’t find things you put down few seconds ago

  • Can’t find your remote control all the time

  • Feel annoying about your messy house when opening your eyes every morning. Can’t see sunshine in your room

  • Cabinets piled up everywhere, and you can’t open the window

  • Feel annoying when New Year is coming

  • Never fold your comforter neatly

  • Can’t find the whole series of books all the time


  • 0 ~ 1

    Your house is clean and tidy. Keep it up!

  • 2 ~ 4

    Yellow alert. Please put things back after use.

  • 5 ~ 7

    You won’t find your bed one day. Start throwing things away!

  • 8 ~ 10

    Your house is going to be a landfill. It’s time to clean up!

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