Service Content

To provide more flexible housekeeping service, clients can choose services according to their needs in per service period. Aside from the fixed 4-hour service, K.T. House has provided cleaning package based on client’s demands since January 1, 2018.

Service Content

1. Regular cleaning in daily/monthly rented studio apartment

2. Rented accommodation cleaning (move in or move out cleaning)

3. Regular cleaning in offices and boutiques

4. Cleanliness maintenance of empty houses

5. On-site cleaning service in community

The Notice


If properties are damaged or broken during serving, the certain extent of compensation will be paid by K.T. House after clarifying the responsibility. The maximum amount of compensation is 100% of the service fee on the day.

For safety, the following services are not provided:

A. To lift up or move goods above 10 kilograms

B. To clean outer walls and windows in high places

C. To remove windows

D. To process hazardous chemicals

E. To deliver or discard garbage. (Provide packing service only, and please prepare trash bags on your own)

F. To clean animal and human excrement and vomit

G. To remove stain for years or remove dye on clothes

H. To remove or kill pests (includes ants, cockroaches, bees, etc.)

I. To work in places with foul smell or inappropriate temperature

J. To work in places hit by natural or man-made disasters

K. To discard or deliver bulky waste

L. To wash the carpet

Service Branches

K.T. Housekeeping Service