You need to make a reservation in order to use our services. The basic time is 4 hours for per service period. . (All works you required might not be done in one service period.) For any special situation, 3-hour reservation is accepted after discussing with our customer service staffs. However, 3-hour service is not suggested because of the higher expense.

You can provide your demands or photos of your house to discuss with customer service staffs. They will suggest the possible service hours.

We are the first housekeeping service company with membership in Taiwan. The purpose is to complete company and client relationship and enhance customer satisfaction. Since each client has different demands to service, membership is needed to establish a complete and efficient housekeeping service procedure and match suitable housekeeper to every family. For each family that we serve regularly, we assign exclusive customer service staff and housekeeper for them.

  1. Discount for members when applying services.
  2. Membership agreement is not tied up with a particular time. Adopting our housekeeping service at least once a year is required. Membership lasts automatically without additional payment.
  3. The priority of arranging the same housekeeper.
  4. Provide customized “house cleaning record” for housekeeper to accurately follow client’s requirements to work.
  5. Joining membership in any of K.T. House’s branches can enjoy the rights and interests mentioned above in branches.

Yes. In consideration of hygiene, to prevent bacteria from spreading with cleaning tools and supplies, we suggests using your own cleaning tools and supplies, which can avoid secondary contamination.

Yes. But the time for purchasing needs to be counted in service hour.

Yes. However, bulky waste such as old furniture or waste needing two or more people to move is exception.

To avoid unnecessary dispute, we suggest you contacting your customer service staff and report issues that you encounter. They will communicate with you and your housekeeper. Also, they’ll arrange training courses for your housekeeper for improvement. We advise you to change another housekeeper if issues you address still can’t be solved after training.

ItemsK.T. HouseOnline AgencyCleaning CompanyTraditional individual housekeeper
Charge StandardsTransparentTransparentUncertainUncertain
Target CustomerClients with membershipThe general publicThe general publicThe general public
ServicesCustomizedIndependent servicesCleaning onlyUncertain
Service hoursFlexibleArranged by systemDecided by contractVerbally
Service staffExclusive housekeeperAgentStaffs or individualIndividual
Service planningExclusive customer service staffOn the InternetVerballyVerbally
Customer SatisfactionBe supervised and traced regularlyBe evaluated on the InternetUneven qualityUneven quality

Because of the strong demands from our clients, K.T. House has provided home organization services from January 1, 2018. For places such as wardrobe, kitchen, living room, bedroom, cabinet, storeroom, shoe cabinet, kid’s room, balcony, etc., we will provide professional advices for your unorganized area. After full discussing with clients, services will be made.

Customer service staff will suggest the number of housekeeper depending on your requirement.

To provide flexible housekeeping services, clients can choose services below according to their needs in one service period. For example, house cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, ironing, stuff sorting, home organizing and accompanying elderly.

Please contact our branch near you.

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