Advisory or Reservation

By phone or LINE consultation appointment, customers can understand the service scope, detailed explanations of fees, and other content.


Confirm Requirement

Understand customer needs, provide suitable solutions, negotiate details such as time, location, price, etc.


Experience Trial Service

Provide a one-time service for customers to experience before deciding whether to join, and make adjustments based on customer feedback.


Apply for Membership

Enjoy membership discounts and provide comprehensive household services, including home cleaning, regular meal preparation, and more.


Service Quality Assurances

Regularly dispatch personnel for supervision, inspecting service quality to ensure that the service continues to meet customer needs.

New Customer Each Time Charge
One Time Service 4 Hours 2,600 NTD
3 Hours 2,100 NTD
Home Organizing 850 NTD / per hour and need to communicate and evaluate the quotation in advance
Service for Members (Regular Service)
Cumulative Times / per month Each Time Charge
1-3 times 4 Hours 2,100 NTD
4-11 times 1,900 NTD
12-18 times 1,800 NTD
19 times and above 1,700 NTD

* 入會費:3,000元 / 乙次性收費

Service Description
  1. Service Included : House cleaning, home cooking, do the laundry, home organizing.
  2. Service items and process could be customized but service hours shall not less than 3 hours.
  3. Service Time : Monday ~ Friday. An additional NTD 50 per hour will be charged on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
  4. Service Hour : 08:00 - 21:00. If services are provided after 19:00 (inclusive), a NTD 100 ~ 300 night work allowance will be charged for each service.
  5. A dedicated customer service staff will assist you in arranging our various services.
  6. For different housekeeping services, we provide onsite evaluation and quotation. NTD 1000 will be charged for each evaluation.
  7. 如需現場估價則每次斟收1,000元車馬費。